Simple Expression Value Rule (Enterprise)


The Simple Expression behavior performs a simple calculation using values from other fields in the document. To add a simple expression, you will need to select the Rules menu.

Select the field you wish to add a simple calculation. You will then select the Add a rule drop down menu from under Value Rules and choose Simple Expression.

The Simple Expression rule works by setting the field value to the expression result whenever a value used within the expression changes.

A combination of fields, arithmetic or concatenation operators, naturalForms functions, and grouping symbols can be used to create simple expressions.

Fields from the Rule Tools can be dragged and dropped into the expression at the current location to simplify rule creation.


A Simple Expression rule will be created to determine the Total Due by adding up the subtotals, deducting the paid amount, and adding the tax.

Add the following simple expression to the Total rule:

                LaborSubtotal + MaterialSubtotal + TaxTotal - Paid

The Total will be updated every time that either subtotals, paid amount, or tax changes in naturalForms.


A Simple Expression rule will be created to concatenate First Name and Last Name fields to display Full Name. 

Add the following simple expression to the Full Name rule:

                FirstName + " " + LastName

The Full Name field will be updated every time either First Name or Last Name are entered in naturalForms.

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