naturalForms Enterprise v1.4.6 release



This is a new release naturalForms Server and the Designer. The release is focused on bug fixes, but does contain significant new features and functionality.  This release is available for new enterprise installations and upgrades from NFS 1.4.2.

naturalForms Server
Release: 2015-12-15
App Requirements: 2.3.0 (iPad)/ (Android)
Server Requirements: Knowledge Base

The product is available as a full release for the general public and install package available by release communication from Professional Services.


  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Designer – Keyboard shortcuts exist for: cut, copy, paste delete and save.
  2. Auto-Size Field in Designer to Recognize PDF Lines – Field Tools in Designer can now snap-to-box for fields that have boundaries with borders (or boxes).
  3. Add Additional Value Formats to Global Data Sources – Added additional global value formats for Unicode standard TR-35.
  4. New checkbox rules -  Designer now accepts six types of rules for checkboxes: IsChecked, IsUnchecked, IsCheckedAny, IsCheckedAll, IsUncheckedAny, IsUncheckedAll. 
  5. Customer License Blocks – License blocks can be created for specific customers.
  6. License Block Descriptions for NFS License Server – Descriptions (text field) can be added for license blocks.
  7. Tracking Number Info for License Blocks in NFS License Server – Additional information (text) can be added for license blocks in additional to the standard description field.
  8. Performance Improvements – General performance have been implemented for data connections and processing.
  9. Error Handling Optimizations – General optimizations have been implemented for handling errors encountered during product use.


  1. Change "Name" Label for Fields to "Identifier” – The unique name of the field was changed to identifier.
  2. Change "Display Name" Label for Fields to "Name" – Changed “Display Name” to “Name” in Designer.
  3. Show Display Name on the Rules Tab – The field Name value is displayed in Rules along with the Identifier value.
  4. Selection Values Allowed Outside of the PDF Boundaries – Selection values can no longer be changed outside of the PDF boundaries.
  5. Duplicated Named Attachments – Duplicate attachment names are no longer allowed in Designer.
  6. License Page Does Not Show All Licenses Blocks – The license server now shows all license blocks whether active or not.
  7. Template Name is Editable from All Designer Sections – The template name can be changed from the Attachments tab and saved.
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