Testimonial Mappings


{ "testimonials": [ { "role": "Lead Partner", "company": "Automotive Company", "text": "naturalForms has offered superior service and equipped us with a superior product, which is a philosophy that we try to live by with our customers." }, { "role": "Service Manager", "company": "HVAC Company", "text": "This has improved the accuracy, completeness, and processing time of the paperwork. As soon as the technician completes the work order, it is submitted to the office for billing. We have reduced our billing turnaround time from weeks to days." }, { "role": "Senior Vice President of IT", "company": "Home Healthcare Organization", "text": "We’ve seen an increase in productivity and significant cost savings. Now that patient data is readily available, we’re able to provide better care to our patients in a timely manner." }, { "role": "President", "company": "Corporate Aviation Company", "text": "In less than one month the system paid for itself. Now our crews submit flight log data from anywhere in the world in near real time, eliminating the typical month-end invoicing backlog and significantly improving the back office closing process." } ] }

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