'Customer has Exceeded Licenses' Error


If you are trying to sign into the naturalForms app and you get the 'Customer has exceeded licenses' error, you will need to visit your Dashboard and Subscription pages. 

There are a couple of scenarios in which this could occur:

  1. You activated devices during your free trial and then added a subscription for a number of devices that is less than your current active devices. For example: During the trial, 6 devices were activated. Then a subscription for 5 devices was created. 
  2. Your free trial ended.
  3. You cancelled your subscription and your last paid period has expired.

You have a couple choices at this point:

  1. Update your subscription so that you have enough device licenses.
  2. Delete active devices until you are within your licensed device count.

The reason this problem occurs is because your customer account has more active devices than it has a subscription for licenses.

Please contact your customer administrator or visit the following article for more information: Why am I getting a 'Customer has exceeded licenses' error?

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