HowTo: Set the bucket for a specific customer in NFS


Caution: This is an advanced capability of NFS. Mistakes can cause the system to malfunction.

1. To set a bucket to be used for a specific customer within a NFS instance, modify the SET statement(s) in the following SQL query, then execute it against the database for the NFS instance

DECLARE @CustomerName VARCHAR(50)
DECLARE @BucketName VARCHAR(100)
SET @CustomerName = 'Test Customer QA'
SET @BucketName = 'MyCustomer'
INSERT INTO CustomerVariable( CustomerId, Name, Value )
SELECT c.Id, 'BinaryBucket', @BucketName
FROM Customer c
WHERE c.Name = @CustomerName

a. @CustomerName: the name of the customer you want to create a bucket for

b. @BucketName: must match the bucket name as defined in Step 2a of HOWTO: Add a bucket.

2. Perform an IISRESET on the machine where NFS is installed.

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