NSURLErrorDomain Errors


These errors are detected by iOS and the messages are provided (and translated) by Apple. Here is a list of the ones most commonly returned while using naturalForms on iOS:

1000 Bad URL   

1001 Timed Out 

1002 Unsupported URL

1003 Cannot Find Host

1004 Cannot Connect To Host   

1005 Network Connection Lost (one most often encountered by users)

1006 DNS Lookup Failed       

1007 HTTP Too Many Redirects  

1008 Resource Unavailable   

1009 Not Connected To Internet

1010 Redirect To Non Existent Location

1011 Bad Server Response            

1012 User Cancelled Authentication  

1013 User Authentication Required   

1014 Zero Byte Resource       

1015 Cannot Decode Raw Data     

1016 Cannot Decode Content Data

1017 Cannot Parse Response    

1018 International Roaming Off

1019 Call Is Active              

1020 Data Not Allowed            

1021 Request Body Stream Exhausted

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