Download naturalForms for Android (New Install/Upgrade)


  New Install / Upgrade   

 (Upgrade Note: This version does not upgrade drawing ink, but it does work fine for photo annotations. Please contact support for further details.)
 1. Select a download link available below from your tablet
2.3.0 Download Android 6.0+
2.2.0 Download Android v4.4+
2.1.1 Download Android 4.2, 4.3


2. Open "My Files" and tap Download History



3. Select the naturalForms .apk file that was downloaded



4. Install the application on your e-device

New Install Upgrade
Screenshot_2017-03-20-15-13-08.png Screenshot_2017-03-20-15-13-50.png



5. Tap Open to start naturalForms



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Additional Information:

  • Some devices are slow to collect GPS data when taking photos. Allow enough time for the entire photo to be downloaded before submitting documents.
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