Download naturalForms for Android (New Install/Upgrade)


  New Install / Upgrade   

 (Upgrade Note: This version does not upgrade drawing ink, but it does work fine for photo annotations. Please contact support for further details.)
 1. Select a download link available below from your tablet
2.2.0 Download Android v4.4+ Release Notes
2.1.1 Download Android 4.2, 4.3 Release Notes


2. Open "My Files" and tap Download History



3. Select the naturalForms .apk file that was downloaded



4. Install the application on your e-device

New Install Upgrade
Screenshot_2017-03-20-15-13-08.png Screenshot_2017-03-20-15-13-50.png



5. Tap Open to start naturalForms



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Additional Information:

  • Some devices are slow to collect GPS data when taking photos. Allow enough time for the entire photo to be downloaded before submitting documents.
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