How can I automatically send an email to a customer email address entered on the document?


This is done through the Output Settings. In the Email tab, you would enter the following in the To or CC field:


where field_name is the name of the email field as defined in the Designer


Note: If you are pulling an email address from the document to use as a recipient for an email, you will need to make this field mandatory and add a pattern match validation rule to ensure that the entry is a valid email address. Otherwise, the email delivery will fail if this field is left blank or an invalid email address is entered (i.e. "none").

You could use a company email address as the default for this field. That way, any document that is not sent directly to this user-entered email address can be handled as needed. For example: Customer does not have an email address. Default email is set up as The person monitoring this email address will know that the invoice will need to be sent through regular mail instead.

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