Managing Data Sources


A data source is a list of values which is assigned to a field on a template. When completing documents in naturalFORMS Client, users select an option from this list of values. Data sources are reusable and can be assigned to template fields as many times as you like.

On the Data Source Management page, you can complete the following actions:

View:  the list of data sources which have already been created on your server.

Add:  a new data source.

Import:  a data source file. Data source files must be in .json format.

Export:  a data source file so that the file can be imported to another server.

Edit:  the values in existing data sources.


Exporting a Data Source

To export a data source, click the row of the data source and click Export.

A .json file will appear that you can save, edit and import back into NFS at a later time. For example, in Google Chrome, the .json file appears at the bottom left of the browser window. Remember to save the file in .json format.

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