Managing Users


The dashboard shows the documents which have been submitted in the naturalForms.

The following information is displayed for each user: 

Email: Email refers to the email address associated with the specific user account. This email address is used as the login for naturalForms and NFS Portal.

Name: Name shows the last name and first name of the user.

Status: There are four possible statuses that can be assigned to a user account, which are as follows:

    • Active: The user has successfully logged into naturalForms or NFS Portal at least once and verified the account.
    • Locked: An administrator has locked the account, and the user will not be able to access naturalForms or NFS Portal until the account is unlocked.
    • Pending Activation by Email: A new user account has been created and an access link has been sent to the designated email address, but the user has not yet activated the account.
    • Pending Verification by Email: The user’s email address or password has been changed by an administrator, but the user has not yet tried to reconnect to naturalForms or NFS Portal.

Permissions: One or more privileges that can be assigned to a user. These include:

    • Admin: Allows the user to manage users, devices, data sources, and templates for the customer account in NFS Portal. This permission also includes the ability to view the customer dashboard, including PDF versions of submitted documents.
    • Designer: These users can create and manage templates.  The designer includes settings at template, page and field level.  These settings determine what data is collected and how the users interact with the templates on their tablets.  For more information on using the designer, please visit the Technical Support site using the link at the bottom of the page.
    • Viewer: Gives the user the ability to view the customer dashboard in NFS Portal, including PDF versions of submitted documents. Viewers can also view the user accounts in User Management, but may not add or edit user accounts.
    • Submitter: The submitter permission allows full use of naturalForms, which includes the ability to submit documents to NFS. Submitters also can view user information in NFS Portal.

Created: This column shows the date on which the user account was created.


To search for a specific document name, click the icon to the right of the column title. A menu for specifying search options will appear. Click the arrow in the drop-down list to reveal additional search options. This searching functionality is available for all pages and columns in NFS Portal. 

Page Navigation

Use the page navigation and items per page controls at the bottom of each table in NFS Portal to move between pages and display desired number of items. The table control functionality is available for all pages in NFS Portal.



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