Creating Different Versions of Templates


Making changes to templates that are in use have implications that must be thought through.

First, before anything is done, Export your template.

This stores all the information about your template, including option list values, in a location that you specify. 

Options and considerations:

New Template: If your users need to be able to modify old documents

MUST use a new template if:  
- add or delete fields 
- change field labels
- change field size
- delete variables
- edit or delete behaviors
- change a field from date to alpha

Other advantages to this option include:  
- Test the new template without impacting current users

- Ability to make a new template available to select users

Update Template: If you are making minor changes to the template that not listed in item 3 below then you should not impact your users with this option.

Start Over: If users do not need to go back and use old documents, have the current documents submitted to the server and deleted from the naturalForms.

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