Things to Consider When Creating a New Template


Attached is a questionnaire that can be used when you are gathering information to define a form template for naturalForms. Asking these questions when you first see the form will reduce the amount of rework that would be required to finish the template.

General Form Questions

  • Do you have a clean original PDF of the form?
  • Are you open to any forms recommendations or does the form need to look exactly like the current version?
  • What is the form name?
  • Does it have a number?
  • Is there a version number?



  • Named photos?  
  • Supplemental photos? 


  • Named GPS Locations?
  • Supplemental GPS Locations?

Voice Memos

  • Named voice memos?
  • Supplemental voice memos?

Field Specific Questions

  • What would you like the field name to be?
  • Is it mandatory?
  • Do you want to collect GPS location when this field is populated?
  • What type of data is going to be entered in the field (text, numbers, dates, times, pick list, graphic field, signature, check box, radio buttons)?
  • What input method(s) would you like for this field?
  • Is this a calculated field?
  • If so, what fields are used for the calculation?
  • Is there a required format or range for this field?
  • Is there a default value that should always be in this field?
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