Activating naturalForms account using the NFS Portal


Welcome to naturalForms®

You have been enrolled to use the naturalForms app from ExpeData®. There are three easy steps to get started with the application.

1. Activate: You should have received an email with the activation link.  This link is only good for 48 hours after which you will need a new link. 


2. Install: For Android devices click here to download and install. For Apple devices install naturalForms Enterprise from the App Store.


3. Sign-In: Open the naturalForms app. Sign in with your email address and the password you set above. Please enter your server information. If you are using naturalForms for Android or have an iPad with an iOS prior to iOS7, please add "/services" to the end of your server URL.  See the example below in the image.

After tapping the Lock, you will see the following screen and are ready to begin filling and submitting documents in naturalForms.


For support issues, please email

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