Adding Attachments to a Document

Adding Attachments to Documents
Photo, GPS location, and voice memo attachments are collected on the device and attached to documents. To add attachments, tap the Paperclip icon to open the attachments screen.

If the Paperclip icon is gray, optional attachments are enabled for the document but have not yet been added. If the Paperclip icon is red, the document requires attachments to be added before submitting. If the Paperclip icon is green, all required attachments for the document have been added.
When you tap the Paperclip icon, the list of predefined photo, GPS location, and voice attachments for the document are displayed.
Supplemental attachments enable additional photos, GPS locations, or voice memos to be included with the document as necessary. If a document is configured to allow supplemental attachments, there will be a + icon in the upper right corner of the attachments screen. There is no limit to the number of supplemental attachments which can be added. However, you may not be able to e-mail PDF files which are over a certain size due to the parameters of your e-mail server.

  Tap the + icon to add a supplemental photo, GPS location, or voice memo. In this example, a photo will be added.
  Enter a name for the photo.
  Once the supplemental photo has been added and the corresponding photo has been taken, the item appears in the attachments list.
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