Instructions to upgrade to NFS 1.2.2

Here are the steps to upgrade NFS to version 1.2.2.

If you customized default.json, nlog.config for portal, nlog.config for services, or support.html you must back them up first.  The upgrade will overwrite these files so you must restore them manually.

  1. If any Customer names have punctuation, remove the punctuation
  2. Export each customer (zip files to be used later)
  3. Backup database
  4. Backup customized files (if required)
  5. Download and execute the latest NFS installer
  6. In the SQL section, type in the password for the SQL account, and click the Test button
  7. Under the Server Admin User section, type in anything in the Password field. This is because the installer won’t let that field be blank.  It does not change the password for the default administrator.
  8. Click the Install button
  9. Restore customized files (if required)
  10. Generate list of locked templates
  11. Import each customer (you may see messages about re-mapping resources, that is expected)
  12. Lock templates that were previously locked
  13. Follow your production testing process
  14. Verify that fields with handwriting are working as expected using a tablet that has been resynced after all the previous steps have been completed.

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