What are the available output options for my submitted documents?


When a document is submitted, the naturalForms Server (NFS) can automatically share image files and data in multiple ways to a variety of people.  You may want field staff to get a PDF of the document they submitted while the back-off gets a PDF and a data file.  The available file formats are PDF, JSON, CSV, XML, and zipped attachments.  You can use a combination of email, ftp, and/or downloads from the NFS portal. 


  1. To and CC can be specified. This can be to the tablet user, a specific email address (i.e. back office person), or an email captured on the submitted document
  2. Subject and Message Body can be customized


  1. Files can be pushed to an FTP server for easy access or integration
  2. The system also supports ftps


  1. Button on the Dashboard of NFS Portal allows for output files to be downloaded on demand


For more details on output settings, read the "How To" content in the naturalForms Portal.

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