Standard Output Variables


Below are a list of values that can be included in output.  Each value has a section.  (example: output)  Under each section there is a variable.  (example: timestamp) You can also see an example (not all variables) of data submitted in a document.

Example of the format for referencing a variable in output settings: {{output.timestamp}}

    "timestamp": "2013-02-21T16:12:48.7060546Z",
    "timestampFileFormat": "20130221161248706",
    "path": "10002\\970000040\\100000\\20130221161248706"

    "email": "",
    "firstName": "asd",
    "lastName": "asd"

"device": {
    "id": "6F8FAC09D5CE5F580F700263791F3AF3",
    "name": "The Writer's IPad",
    "platformName": "iPad"
    "address": "sdf",
    "address2": "asdf",
    "city": "sadf",
             "email": "sdfg@sdf.sdf",
                  "firstName": "dsfg",
                  "lastName": "sdfg",
                  "phoneNumber": "123-123-1234"
                  "country": "United States",
                  "createdDate": "2013-02-21T15:43:21.96",
                  "id": 1,
                  "name": "TSRu",
                  "number": 10002,
                  "postalCode": "12312",
                  "state": "Ohio"

"behaviorHash": "6341bbcce0f5b366e2e9cb7fb3c6d692",
"createdDate": "2013-02-21T15:44:49.737",
"dataSourceHash": "1162bcadda4c22ad498f12768c4ad2f8",
"id": 970000040,
"modelHash": "688114139a816d4e7b0f790c7ca2d560",
"name": "Capability Tour v3",
"pdfHash": "2ca17158bdbfa5aa0615abc41fe46f2f",
"templateHash": "fe6235d54b4e7c0619cbe5bba7fe9bd8",
"viewHash": "adfc7c4d60eb4ca2cdeed38123461e14"

"document": {
"createdDate": "2013-02-21T16:06:33.047",
"hash": "faf3b0a26d2e63d02156564dd1b6c417",
"modelHash": "688114139a816d4e7b0f790c7ca2d560",
"name": "Capability Tour v3-1",
"number": 100000,
"isResubmit": true,
"sourceCreatedDate": "2013-02-21T11:03:35",
"sourceModifiedDate": "2013-02-21T11:09:35-05:00",
"ADDRESS1_VAR": "Jbbdjc",
"CITY_VAR": "Jkbdbf",
"LAST_NAME_VAR": "Jdbfh",
"PG1_Address1": "Jbbdjc",
"PG1_City": "Jkbdbf",
"PG1_First_Name": "Pd",
"PG1_Last_Name": "Jdbfh",
"PG1_State": "Hamilton",
"PG1_Zip_Code": "64533",
"STATE": "Hamilton",
"ZIP_CODE_VAR": "64533"
"name": "Photo Attachment 1",
"mimeType": "image/png",
"extension": "png",
"isImage": true,
"width": 500,
"height": 600,
"validImage": true,
"isResized": false,
"isAnnotated": true
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