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The Accounts page shows the accounts which have been setup in naturalForms. The following information is displayed for each account: 

Name: Shows the name of an account.  Names can be duplicated.

ID: Shows the first name of the user.

Allowed Devices: The maximum number of active tablets allowed for the account.

Status: There are four possible statuses that can be assigned to a user account, which are as follows:

  • Active: The account is able to connect to naturalForms.
  • Locked: The account is not able to connect to naturalForms.

Created: This column shows the date on which the user account was created.

To add an account simply click on the Add, and complete the account information presented in the New Account screen.

The New Account page includes general account information, licensing for setting the number of devices, general contact information and the output settings or where to delivery the data when submitted.



To edit an account, click on the Settings button.



To manage an account, click on the Manage button.  Managing an account provides the same access as the account admin has, giving the server admin the ability to view and edit an account as needed.



To export the account data, click on the Tools button. To export the account data which includes the template and option list, click the Export link when the Tools window opens.




To delete an account, click on the Delete button.


To view the list of deleted accounts, click the Show Deleted checkbox.



To search for specific account, type the desired text in the search box at the top of the table.


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